£2000 per seminar and related activity, for a total of 9 seminars

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National Skills Sharing Partnership Consultant

The National Skills Sharing Partnership is a skills and knowledge exchange programme designed to enable partners to collaborate within the sector and learn from each other. The Project Consultant will assist the NPG in creating and leading the learning network with 12 national partners within the sector. The Consultant will work closely with the NPG and with partners to; maximise the learning between partners by suggesting and facilitating ways to: strengthen and build relationships; encourage active participation and collaboration of practice; encourage partners to critically reflect on processes of exchange and to encourage active self-monitoring in order to strive for improvement.

Theme: What is a Portrait? An over-riding theme will be present throughout the Programme of ‘What is a Portrait?’ By addressing this question partners will be able to look at portraits in both their own collections and the Gallery’s collection through the lens of their relevance to society today and what portraits can mean to audiences, thereby encouraging exploration into issues of identity and representation in an accessible way. Linked to this question is a focus for the Programme on providing development opportunities and to consider diversity in its broadest sense within their organisations.

Fees: There is a fixed fee of £2000 per seminar and related activity, for a total of 9 seminars between the period of June 2021 - July 2023.

Application and Selection Process

• A copy of your Curriculum Vitae
• A cover letter outlining your relevant experience, your fit for the role and your proposed approach and methodology for conducting and facilitating seminar sessions for a learning network.

For a full job description please contact [email protected]

Deadline for applications: Monday 17th May 2021, 12:00 Noon

Interviews to be held on the 24th & 25th May 2021

Consultant appointment and start at the beginning of June 2021

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